Jennifer Aniston says she was unaware of Matthew Perry's "self-torture" while filming Friends

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Photo credit: Getty Images - Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she "didn't understand" Matthew Perry's struggles with anxiety while filming Friends, after the actor opened up about his experience at the Friends reunion.

Following Matthew's revelation that he "felt like [he] was going to die" if the audience didn't laugh at his performance while filming the show, Jennifer has now explained that she was unaware of her co-star's struggle, but added that it "makes a lot of sense".

In an interview on the TODAY show, Jennifer explained, "I didn't understand the level of anxiety and self-torture [that] was put on Matthew Perry, if he didn't get that laugh, and the devastation that he felt."

However, she added that, looking back, the situation "makes a lot of sense."

Matthew first opened up about his experiences on set during the Friends reunion last month. As he reminisced alongside his fellow cast members, he also discussed the intense anxiety he suffered during filming.

"To me, I felt like I was going to die if [the audience] didn’t laugh," he said at one point. "I would sweat and shake." He explained how he would "go into convulsions", adding, "and it's not healthy, for sure.

"If I didn't get the laugh I was supposed to get, I would freak out," he explained.

While Jennifer has now revealed that she was unaware of Matthew's struggles during filming, the news also seemed to come as a surprise to other Friends cast members too, with Lisa Kudrow remarking "You didn't tell us that then," after Matthew explained how he felt at the Friends reunion.

Fans were concerned about Matthew Perry's health following his appearance at the Friends reunion, related to both his discussion about anxiety and his apparent slurred speech.

However, in an update from Friends executive producer Kevin Bright, it seemed the 51-year-old actor was in a good place. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Bright said: "I talked to [Matthew]. It was great seeing him again." On concerns about Matthew Perry's wellbeing, the producer added: "What people say is what people say. I don’t have any to say about that, except it was great to see him. And I think he’s very funny on the show. But yes, I think he’s OK. He seems stronger and better since the last time I saw him, and excited about going forward."

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