Jennylyn Mercado irked by people rejoicing on ABS-CBN's shutdown

Heidi Hsia
·1 min read

14 Jul – Jennylyn Mercado recently expressed her frustration over some expressing joy over the shutdown of ABS-CBN.

As reported on Inquirer, the Kapuso actress, who was also saddened over the House committee's decision on the franchise renewal issue, stated that she hopes that those who were happy with what happened would not experience such a loss.

"Weren't you taught by your parents to have humility to others? Rejoicing because of other people's sorrow is not only wrong, but inhumane. You are cruel," she added.

Mercado stated that some may say that "law is law", but the truth is some politicians were not punished in violating the law.

"If you say that, then everybody should be held at the same standard. No network is perfect, policies can be improved. What's important now are those people who may lose their jobs especially now that there's a pandemic," she said.

It is noted that ABS-CBN employs around 11,000 workers, who are now in a risk of unemployment.

"Do not be numb to the suffering of others. Please be kind to one another," she added.

(Photo Source: Jennylyn Mercado Instagram)