Jerry Jones reveals his strategy if he were given Tom Brady's 600th touchdown ball: 'I'd tear up'

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones knows how to put on a show. There's a reason the Cowboys own the biggest covered stadium in the world, complete with an impossibly large video board: Jones knows what his audience wants.

So it should come as no surprise that Jones would use that to his advantage in negotiations. Jones revealed how he would handle things if he received Tom Brady's 600th touchdown ball, and you know it involves a bit of acting.

Jones said he would compare the ball to his "baby" and shed a few tears to convince the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he wouldn't give up the ball easily.

After manipulating the team, Jones said he would start taking offers on the ball. Jones' strategy is obvious. If the team believes Jones really wants to keep the ball, the club will make more lucrative offers to get the ball back.

Fan received a haul for Tom Brady's 600th touchdown ball

The fan who received Brady's 600th touchdown ball handed it over immediately. Some questioned that decision, arguing the fan could have made $500,000 if he had sold the ball at an auction.

The fan didn't receive $500,000, but still made out well. He received two signed Brady jerseys, a Brady helmet, a signed Mike Evans jersey, Evans' cleats and two tickets to every Bucs home game for the rest of the season and next year. In addition to that, the fan also received a $1,000 voucher to the Bucs team store. Brady also offered the fan some bitcoin. That's quite the haul.

Brady, however, doesn't necessarily see it that way. During an appearance on the "ManningCast," Brady agreed with Jones' stance. Brady said the fan gave up all his leverage when he turned over the ball. Both Brady and Peyton Manning claimed they would have held out for more if they were the fan.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
Jerry Jones always wants the best deal. (AP Photo/Greg M. Cooper)
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