Jessica Soho launches happiness campaign

One of the best feature segments on my being a Radio DJ was on GMA-7's "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" ("KMJS") years ago. I even cried while watching and hearing veteran broadcast journalist Jessica Soho's voiceover about me (may crying scene talaga ako!). I've never felt so appreciated until their show took notice of me (as if 'di ako nagpapansin!). They even invited Jaclyn Jose to surprise me in my radio booth (kasi ginagaya ko noon ang "tabularasa" acting ni Ms. Jaclyn!).

I also won't forget Jessica's surprise birthday greeting on my radio show last June. She sang "Happy Birthday" via phone patch and joked, "Ayan, kinantahan kita ng 'Happy Birthday,' kahit 'di naghuhugas ng kamay" (referring to the DOH campaign of singing the birthday song while washing your hands!). I really look up to her (lalo na nung nagne-news reporter pa ako) so, when I got a call from her staff to once again appear on her show, I immediately said, "Push!"

This time, the segment was not about me (feeling sikat ako sa part na 'to ha!) but for an advocacy on being happy - the "happiness campaign." They want me to be in one location, with a large TV frame and invite people around to be with me in that frame and ask the question "Anong nagpasaya at nagpangiti sayo ngayong araw na 'to?"

In its initial telecast last week, I got usual answers like family or helping officemates; and fun ones like, "Masaya ako kasi nakapag breakfast ako ng itlog" at "masaya ako kasi nakita kita, Mr.Fu" (sabay pa-picture!).

It may be a simple question but it's priceless whenever we make others feel good. Let's face it, a lot of people sometimes forget the simple joys because they tend to focus on conflicts and problems. (in short, nega star!).

Of course, I also wanted to know Jessica's answer to the question. She candidly says, "Eight hours of sleep, good medical test results for my dad, a good book, a good massage and a good story and the thought that my programs are doing good and leading the way in making people feel good about themselves and others."

With this advocacy in mind, Jessica and her staff are encouraging televiewers to send videos that show them helping others even in the simplest way. Program manager LJ Castel says, "We have featured so many online trends and this emerging trend of making others happy really moved us. It made us realize that viral videos and Internet trends can also be a tool to inspire others and help the needy."

Televiewers can participate by sending their videos to the "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" Facebook account. Interesting materials will be featured on the show.

"It is about time that we use the video sharing phenomenon in a more socially relevant way," Castel stresses (i-push na 'yang happiness na 'yan! Push!).

• • •

I am one of the many people who exert extra effort to live a healthy lifestyle (mahirap um-effort ha!). That's why I really admire individuals who are into healthy eating and fitness. I also try to influence my friends and colleagues to try different physical activities and to watch what they eat.
That's why it made me really proud to know that my friend, former ABS-CBN News Reporter and RPN-9 Business Anchor Joee Guilas, is finally taking time to focus on his health and is being recognized for it! People close to Joee, including myself, worried big time for him about three years ago when he was diagnosed to have failing kidneys. Chronic kidney disease also claimed the lives of his brother and mother in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

I remember Joee panicking and refusing to eat any kind of food just to lose weight. In no time, he sported a frail look that everyone thought was unhealthy. After deciding to work out regularly in the gym and, with determination and discipline, Joee is now in very good shape.

"I was hopeless and depressed. I knew death would be knocking on the door if I didn't shape up. So I decided to slam the door to death's face by really taking good care of my health," Joee shares.

Currently a Bank Vice President, Joee is one of the finalists in the 2013 Fitness First New You Achievement Awards. "I will be advocating fitness awareness and literacy from hereon. Fitness can give (people)... and when you have hope, you can have everything" (ay, parang beauty contest lang ang sinalihan! Chos!).

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