Jhong Hilario – Fresh, Flawless And Confident

MANILA, Philippines - I admit, I'm a super fan! After finishing my radio program, it's off to rush home to cook a simple breakfast and get ready for one of my favorite shows on television - "It's Showtime!"

From the dancing, the costumes, the jokes and the general craziness of the show, "Showtime" is family fun for everyone and we all have our favorite hosts or jurados that appeal more to each viewer.

While some are enamored by the beauty of Anne Curtis and Karylle, others are left in stitches by funnymen Vhong Navarro and Billy Crawford. "Kuya" Kim, Ryan Bang, Jugs and Teddy with stunner Colleen Garcia round off the happy bunch that comprises the "Showtime" barkada that is lead by the one and only Vice Ganda!

'Jhong Makes The Big Shift'

But for me, there is no replacing the "Sample King" Jhong Hilario! The most energetic of the bunch, the tall, dark and handsome former Streetboys star has made his mark as a showbiz actor and host and has jumped into other ventures while his momentum is still on the go.

Known for his production numbers on "Showtime" as well as a purveyor of talent, particularly dance, the humble star is known to show off the most explosive "samples" and flips and tricks much to the delight of the female contingent in the studio or at home.

Being the "Sample King" and one of showbiz's latest heartthrobs, Jhong and other high-energy movers try to avoid sweat when not needed.

He is also a businessman and teacher as Jhong has put up his own dance studio to teach children of all ages the joy and camaraderie of dancing. Big Shift Dance Studio is located in the A Venue complex on Makati Ave.

Jhong says, "It's not only for exercise, but you can make new friends too." Call Big Shift at 0927-4739834 for promo details or e-mail to connect@bigshiftstudios.com.

Now let's talk about looking, umm... smelling good. This multi-talented entrepreneur from humble beginnings cannot afford to be sweaty around the underarms and anywhere on his athletic body. Jhong and all Filipinos deserve to be fresh and confident whenever they want, whether they're dancing their hearts out on the "Showtime" stage or whether they're just on their daily commute trying to brave our tropical weather.

Sweat No More!

As one of the handsome boys of Forever Flawless, Jhong is familiar with this adage: "Looking good is also feeling good!" Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, could be a warning sign of thyroid problems, diabetes, or infections. Alternatively, you could experience excessive sweating because you are overweight or out of shape.

Now riding on the campaign Powered by Skin Professionals, Flawless has discovered a solution with its brand-new procedure, Sweatox. This service is yet another addition to the clinic's wide range of medically sound and thoroughly examined skincare solutions. Sweatox involves the injection of small amounts of Botox into the offending area - the armpits, the palms or the feet - to temporarily stop the over-production of sweat.

Flawless Sweatox celebrity endorser Jhong Hilario subscribed to this medical service after learning about it. His active lifestyle as a dancer, celebrity, and host, calls for this kind of intervention to keep him feeling fresh and fragrant from sun up to sun down, off and especially on-cam.

Another great thing about Sweatox is that it actually whitens your underarms - because it eliminates the need to use deodorants, which are a main cause for dark armpits. Imagine never having to use deodorant again - because you aren't sweaty, and therefore, you don't have any more body odor. So you eliminate ugly sweat stains on your shirts, you experience no more body odor, and your armpits eventually get whiter since you aren't using any more deodorant. All because of Sweatox!

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