Jilted wife ‘released’ from mental anguish while husband, vlogger lover languish in jail

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WITH her husband behind bars, Pamela Theresa Pabingit can finally heave a sigh of relief.

The 29-year-old went to confront him at his alleged lover’s house in Barangay Pajac, Lapu-Lapu City last Tuesday night, August 16, 2022.

She had them handcuffed by the tanods who accompanied her after they made a citizen’s arrest.

Allan, 34, and Maria Charlette Dyrit, a 37-year-old motorcycle vlogger who is better known as “TCH Diva,” were charged with concubinage in court.

According to Pamela, their marital troubles began when Allan lost his job in March 2020, or when the government imposed lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019.

She said she begged him to help with their daily expenses, especially after she lost her laundry business, but instead he returned to work abroad as a seaman the first chance he got.

“Actually, we had a video call on March 22, 2021. Then the next day I found out that he had gone abroad without even telling me,” Pamela told Superbalita Cebu on Thursday, August 18.

Since then they’ve had no communication until last Tuesday night, Pamela said.

She said he came back to the country last December but he never contacted her. He left again and returned last June but he still didn’t call or text her, she said.

Pamela said she went through a bout of depression. Then one day, a woman who didn’t introduce herself accosted her and told her about her husband’s whereabouts and showed her pictures of her husband with another woman.

That’s when Pamela hatched a plan to catch them together.

After years of mental anguish, Pamela said she feels free again, while her husband and his alleged lover languish in jail.