Jilted woman tries to sing troubles away, ends up smashing videoke TV

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A CARETAKER of a videoke establishment in Barangay Bulacao, Cebu had no idea the night would turn out the way it did when he let in four customers on Monday, September 5.

Jomar Cabaltera said he noticed that they already had something to drink, but it was his job to entertain them.

At first, the three women and their male companion were acting normal inside the booth, he said. They ordered drinks. They sang. But then one of the women, who was later identified as 27-year-old Ederliza Pelamin, started to behave violently, prompting him to call the Inayawan Police Station.

When police arrived at the scene, the videoke TV inside the booth was broken beyond repair, the cover of the air-conditioner was ripped off and the upholstery on the seats was torn.

All fingers pointed to Ederliza, but police also took into custody her sister Princess Faye, 24; and their friends Kisha-Ann Ambos, 29; and Renz Alec Rodriguez, 25, since management filed a complaint against all four of them.

The Pelamins are from Barangay Punta Princesa, but Ambos is from Barangay Kinasang-an, while Rodriguez is from Barangay Basak Pardo.

Senior Master Sergeant Geoffrey Gutual of the Inayawan Police Station said the group spent the night inside the cell in the station.

According to initial investigation, Ederliza had just arrived from Bohol with her three children.

Cabaltera also told police that one of her companions told him that Ederliza’s live-in partner had left her, which was probably why she got drunk because she couldn’t accept what had happened to her. (BBT/PJB)