Jinri Park is happy working as a waitress in Australia

Heidi Hsia
·2 min read

15 Jul – Jinri Park recently stated that she was perplexed over netizens saying only negative things from her recent admission that she now works as a waitress in Australia.

On 14 July, the "Pinoy Big Brother" alumna posted a long message on social media to address the issue, which stemmed from her recent interview with Filipino media about her new life with her husband in the land down under, and stated that she originally shared her story with the intention to inspire others who want to start again.

"I just wanted to say, I chose to be a waitress and didn't want to just be comfortable with what I have. My parents did offer to pay for my tuition and I could just easily get a student loan with my credit. But let me clarify that I chose to work because I wanted to and not because I have to," she wrote.

Park stated that there is nothing wrong about working as a waitress, and dismissed some netizens' idea that it was "karma".

"I chose it because I remembered it to be enjoyable for me (I feel like I'm playing a real life Diner Dash!!). I think it's quite fun and exciting, I don't know why so many people have negative comments about it," she added.

Park also stated that she much enjoys her life now as a waitress more than when she was part of the showbiz world, which is against the idea of her supposedly living a miserable life.

"I have a fun job, a great loving husband and a goal for my future! What more can a girl want? Thank you again to all the encouragement people have sent their way! It's really heartwarming to see some comments where you told me that I inspired you to start again like me," she added.

(Photo Source: Jinri Park Instagram)