JM de Guzman is almost 2 years clean

18 Oct - JM de Guzman is happy to announce that he is now two years clean and sober from drugs.

As reported on Push, the actor recently posted a photo of a certificate that he received last year from the Self Enhancement for Life Foundation Inc.

The certificate read that the First Sober Year Achievement Award is presented to Juan Miguel Gob de Guzman for "his aptitude in achieving one year in the Therapeutic Community program and for his determination to pursue a substance free lifestyle".

The certificate also revealed that it was given to de Guzman on 8 December 2016.

The actor, who shared the photo on his Instagram, captioned it "[Two] years this December 2017."

de Guzman admitted to his drug use back in 2014, and took a break from acting in 2015, saying that he was dealing with depression and anxiety. He also broke up with actress Jessy Mendiola in the same year.

(Photo Source: JM de Guzman Instagram)