Joel Lamangan to make movie to counter Darryl Yap's Maid In Malacañang

Filipino Philippines director Joel Lamangan pledged to make a movie to counter director Darryl Yap’s inaccurate pro Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos film Maid In Malacañang martial law victim edsa people power revolution
Joel Lamangan pledged to make a movie to counter Darryl Yap’s inaccurate pro-Marcos film Maid In Malacañang. (Screengrab of Joel Lamangan from Altermidya video, photo of Darry Yap from his Facebook)

As various groups launched "ML@50" activities on Thursday (July 21) to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the martial law declaration, veteran director Joel Lamangan has pledged to make a movie to counter historical accuracies in the upcoming film, Maid In Malacañang.

Maid In Malacañang, directed by Darryl Yap, is supposedly a reenactment of the Marcos family's last three days in the Palace before they were forced to flee the Philippines during the EDSA Revolution in 1986. The Viva movie, starring Cesar Montano and Ruffa Gutierrez, is due to be released in August.

Lamangan, who lived through the martial law period from 1972 to 1986, recounted his memory of that time in Philippine history.

"Nakita ko noong panahon namin kung papaano sinasalamin ang lahat ng katarantaduhang ginagawa ng rehimeng Marcos," Lamangan said at an ML@50 forum, according to Philstar.

(I saw during our time how all the nonsense that the Marcos regime was doing was reflected.)

The 69-year-old filmmaker denounced as inaccurate one scene in Maid In Malacañang that portrayed the EDSA protesters who stormed the Palace as carrying flaming torches.

"Hindi totoo ang sulo. Ano iyon, lamay? Puro kahunyanguhan, puro katarantaduhan," Lamangan said.

(The torches are not real. What is that, vigil? Pure treachery, pure nonsense.)

Lamangan committed to making a movie to counter Yap's portrayal of the People Power Revolution, although he acknowledged that it might be challenging.

"Hahanap lang tayo ng producer. ’Pag pinag-uusapan po pera, napakahirap, lalo na politika ang iyong sasabihin. Maraming ayaw po, iyon ang totoo," he said.

(We’ll just find a producer. When it comes to money, it’s very difficult, especially when you mention politics. Many don’t want it, that’s the truth.)

However, Lamangan called on artists to serve the people. "Dapat... lahat ng nasa sining... magsilbi sa interes ng ating mga mamamayan. Huwag tayong maging kasali sa nagtatakip ng katotohanan."

(Everyone in the arts should serve the interests of our people. Let us not be part of those who cover up the truth.)

Problems with Yap movie

Maid In Malacañang was made in consultation with Senator Imee Marcos, daughter of Ferdinand Marcos Sr., who was president when his family was forced to flee the Philippines before protesters stormed the Palace in 1986.

A fan page of actress Kris Aquino earlier debunked a scene from the trailer of the controversial film involving her mother, the late Corazon "Cory" Aquino, who led the protests which ousted Marcos Sr. from power and replaced him as president after his exile to the US.

Commenters have also pointed out that it was not true that the EDSA protesters carried torches, as seen in images promoting the film.

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Yap had defended the use of torches in his movie, saying he employed "creative freedom" and that his movie was not meant to be a documentary or biopic.

The controversy surrounding Maid In Malacañang is part of an ongoing fears that the Marcos family is attempting to revise history in order to depict themselves in a better light.

At a press conference for the movie on July 17, Imee Marcos said, in response to accusations of attempts at historical revisionism, that her family simply thought that it was time that they told the story of what happened in Malacañang at that time, as they knew it.

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