Jogging tracks in Bali

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Jogging tracks in Bali

Some of us have romantic notions of a jog on the beach, but others may not warm up to the idea of going barefoot on the mushy surface or gathering sand inside their footwear.

Secret sands of South Bali

For the latter, Bali’s paved roads in locations with scenic views might be a better option. Check out our pick of jogging spots below:


Nusa Dua – Tanjung Benoa

The jogging track in Nusa Dua offers similar features to the track in Sanur, and is maybe even better because it has fewer shops and stalls along the way.

The area is known to be the home of many top-rated resorts. The jogging track is open to the public, and if you happen to be staying at Westin Resorts then you can get a different experience from your daily jogging routine by going with the Run Westin program. This guided run will also have you learning about the local culture along the road by taking a closer look at Nusa Dua’s natural beauty as well as its artistic and historic features.


Niti Mandala Park

The park - the biggest in Denpasar – features a lengthy jogging track as well as a football field, basketball field and several volleyball fields.

The park’s main field is so big that different groups of people use it at the same time to do different kinds of sports such as football, baseball and softball.

Its centerpiece is the sizeable Bajra Sandhi monument, which also serves as a museum and information center.

Although located in front of the Bali Governor’s office, Niti Mandala park is quite secluded from traffic-heavy roads. (Jl.Puputan Niti Mandala Raya)



This paved road going through rice fields is located inside the Desa Wisata Adat (indigenous tourism village) of Kertalangu. It is a cultural area surrounded by a vast amount of rice fields.

The Kertalanggu track is a great alternative to beach and park jogging. The length of the track is a short 4-kilometer run, yet being tranquil and secluded from the nuisance of fumes and street sellers, it is still quite a winner. (Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 88X, Kesiman, Denpasar)



This track, known as the Sanur Beach Road, offers the combination of a paved road and a beautiful beach-view. It stretches for about 5 kms along the coast.

The fumes and noise from vehicles are far away as the beach is quite distant from the main road.

Some parts of the track are filled with shops and stalls. If you run early enough in the morning then you can avoid the hassle of the hawkers. The bike-renting business is also booming in the area. You can rent a bike for Rp 5,000 (US$ 0.54) per hour. (From Jl. Hang Tuah in the north to Jl. Tirta Empul in the south)


Puputan Badung Square

This public park is located at the heart of Denpasar, in front of the city mayor’s office. Although not as protected as the other tracks from the traffic, it remains one of the popular options for a jog. Afternoons are crowded affairs here, and it is quite common to see soldiers from the army running in the area since their base is just across the street. (The “Catur Muka” intersection of Jl. Veteran and Jl. Surapati)


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