Jokes rained down after the Staples Center press room sprung a leak

Did the Kings start something by covering the Taylor Swift banner at Staples Center? (Photo by Juan Ocampo/NHLI via Getty Images)

Happy 20th birthday, Staples Center. While the traditional anniversary gift is china, the building gave its inhabitants a very different present during the Los Angeles Kings’ loss to the Buffalo Sabres, 3-0, on Thursday.

If this is the new 20-year celebration ... pass.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band opened the $375 million venue 20 years ago to the day with a performance in 1999. The Kings played their first game there on Oct. 20 to a sold-out crowd and had a record-setting light show during the pregame ceremony Thursday. It’s also home to the NBA’s Clippers and Lakers and WNBA’s Sparks.

A flood of water from the center of the room was not what the press had in mind for a celebration, but at least it came at an acceptable time.

No incident can go by without fitting jokes and Twitter was full of them. They were teases that LeBron James was crying from his lost revenue in China, not to mention the entire NBA, and that Magic Johnson left months ago, so the leaks should be gone. There’s also the easiest one: it’s home to the Lakers, of all names.

Then, of course, there are a slew of mentions about Taylor Swift voodoo.

The Kings decided to cover up Swift’s “most sold-out performances” banner ahead of the season opener and will continue to do so. The banner is an eye sore for many fans, and the Kings cited the fan experience for their reasoning. The Clippers also cover the banner, as well as Lakers and Sparks banners in the arena.

But while that’s the official reasoning, it seems it could be because the Kings deem it bad luck since it went up in 2015.

Now it may be even worst luck.

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