Jollibee levels up with launch of ‘Jollibots’

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THE country’s number one fast-food chain is leveling up the joy by launching a number of exciting store innovations that allow customers to transact faster and enjoy their Jollibee favorites more conveniently.

The automated meal-serving robots, called Jollibots, were the latest innovation to be revealed to the Cebuano public at Jollibee’s SM Seaside City Cebu branch on Aug. 1, 2022.

Previously spotted months before in Jollibee’s SM Aura branch in Bonifacio Global City during the pilot stage, the Jollibots are now serving and delighting the Cebuano public at Jollibee’s SM Seaside City Cebu branch, the first in Cebu and the Visayas and Mindanao regions to house the cute robot helpers.

How do they work?

For customers who wish to dine in, you may simply order your food at the store’s Self-Order Kiosk or at the cashier, then claim your assigned tracker once you finish paying. You can then sit at any preferred table, lay down the tracker on the designated area of the table for the bot to scan so it may correctly identify your table, then wait for the Jollibot to serve your order. Once the bot arrives and cutely announces the arrival of your food, you then take the tray from the bot and return the tracker to it.

The Jollibots may be considered as the store team’s on-ground assistants, ready to extend a helping hand in dispatching orders straight to customers’ tables—allowing the crew to focus on other important tasks or attend to special requests of customers especially during peak hours.

The Jollibots will be there to help the crew, not replace them.

“With the Jollibots, our store teams in select stores are experiencing the benefits of serving their customers even more efficiently. While these Jollibots are welcome additions, we have maintained and will continue to keep the same number of crew in these branches as they remain integral to our day-to-day operations and in delivering our Alagang Jollibee brand of service,” said Jollibee Philippines president Ferns Yu Jr.

The Jollibots, along with the fast-food chain’s other innovations, complement the company’s signature “Alagang Jollibee” brand of service.

Other innovations such as smart lockers for pick-up food orders, rider’s areas, leveled up alfresco dining areas, self-order kiosks and dual-lane drive thrus are also being implemented across various Jollibee branches in the Philippines.

“We’re very proud of our store teams’ trademark warm and joyful service—that’s what sets our teams apart in the fast food industry. These new features contribute to an even better level of customer convenience, and increased efficiency for our operations as well,” Yu added.

Jon Villanueva, vice president of Restaurant Systems of Jollibee, hopes that these new innovations will help customers have an even more enjoyable experience whether they prefer to have their Jollibee favorites in store, at home, or even on the road.

“We’re very excited about these cutting-edge innovations in our stores, some of which are firsts in the local fast-food industry. The future of Joy is here, and we continue to be committed to making our customers’ ‘Alagang Jollibee’ experience even better as we roll these out in more stores nationwide,” he said. (PR)