Joma Sison is ‘pleased’ Duterte is well

CPP Founder and NDFP Chief political consultant Jose Maria Sison


After his claim that President Rodrigo Duterte has slipped into a coma was refuted, communist leader Joma Sison said he is “pleased” to see him alive and that there is still a chance that he will live long enough to face his crimes against humanity and be tried by the international court of justice.

In February, the International Criminal Court announced the start of a preliminary examination on allegations of extrajudicial killings being committed under Duterte’s anti-drug campaign.

Sison also clarified the post he made that sparked speculations on the president’s health.

“With regard to the report that Duterte was comatose in the afternoon or evening of Sunday, August 19, I never claimed it to be certainly true but I cautioned the readers of my Facebook Timeline that the report is subject to verification or negation by the public appearance of Duterte and by credible medical bulletin,” he said in a statement.

To quell rumors, Duterte appeared in a video where he was seen dining with someone before assuring everyone that he is “still alive and fairly healthy.”

Duterte also hit back at Sison, saying it is the communist leader who is ill and has been going in and out of a hospital in the Netherlands.

The president also threatened to bring Sison to the National Bilibid Prison if he ever comes back to the country.

“Come home and I will bring you to a place. It’s called Bilibid and we will provide you this place, a bed and plenty to keep you company,” he said.

Sison commented back that Duterte looked “very tired and dispirited” in the said video.

He also noted that the president’s face is still dark and his right eye drooping as if he just came from dialysis.

The opposition has been insisting that the Duterte administration should fully disclose the president’s health condition because the public has the right to know as stated in the Philippine Constitution.

But Malacañang argued this is unnecessary since the public can clearly see the president’s health condition through his frequent engagements.

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