Journey's Arnel Pineda To Launch Asian Rock Band Search

MANILA, Philippines - Singer-songwriter and Journey front man Arnel Pineda is out to discover new Asian talents through the upcoming search dubbed "Asian Rock Camp."

In an interview with Live Gig Asia posted on YouTube on Aug. 10, Pineda revealed, "We are starting this contest Asian Rock Camp so we are bringing bands from different Asian countries and we also like to invite half-Asian-half-American, half-Asian and half European."

Although thrilled over this new venture, Pineda remains tight-lipped on details as these are being finalized. He let on, however, that the prize would be "huge."

The 44-year-old Pinoy, who is co-producing the project with talent management-production company Sanre' Entertainment, said that the very aim of the contest is to create a strong bond among Asians through music.

"We are hoping that it will make Asian countries even closer together, the exchanges of knowledge as musicians, as artists will become more open," he said.

In a release, Rene Walter, CEO of Sanre Entertainment, said that the competition is slated for broadcast throughout Asia as it showcase's stars from virtually every field of music.

"What makes this event even more exceptional is the chance to work with a great talent like Arnel Pineda, whose life story has become an inspiration to literally millions of individuals, not only in Asia, but throughout the world," stated Walter.

"Asian Rock Camp" is set to begin next year.

Meanwhile, Pineda is grateful over the continued support that Journey has been getting all these years.

"Last year was the most successful. There's not a place last year that we did which was really small. I mean, the smallest that we did was in 2008. But last year, most of the places where we did our shows were arenas.

"So it was great. I think you can say that we're still blessed, especially for the band because the reception was just very, very positive," he enthused.

Recall that Pineda joined the famed American rock band in 2007 after he was discovered on the video sharing site YouTube by band guitarist Neal Schon.