How JPMorgan Chase & Co. attracts the best talents in the Philippines

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Before the pandemic, the world was already questioning the future of work. Although the coronavirus accelerated discussions and actions concerning flexible working hours and remote work setups, such conversations had already existed prior to the pandemic.

For companies that hope to secure the most in-demand talent, it’s not enough to offer basic perks. A company needs to establish its branding to both its customers and employees.

Such organizations acquire a Best Places to Work certification in order to attract the most qualified candidates. This certification can be achieved in just over a month through an HR assessment, employee survey, and topped off with an analysis and validation process.

Brian Hood, Philippine Head of Human Resources for JPMorgan Chase Philippine Global Service Center (GSC)—which was recently named a Best Place to Work—discusses how JPMorgan brings people together to create a strong corporate culture:

JPMorgan Chase adheres to a set of principles it considers fundamental to its long-term business success; from providing exceptional service to its clients and operating at the highest standards of excellence, to upholding the values of integrity, fairness and responsibility in everything it does.

It invests in its own people and provides them with the necessary tools, resources, and work environment to grow personally and professionally. It is devoted to creating a great team and winning culture while building and maintaining its reputation as the best and most respected financial services company in the world—one that its employees, stakeholders and communities can be proud of.

Furthermore, it believes in a culture of respect, equity and inclusion. Across its global operations, it remains focused on cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment for its employees and businesses.

It constantly reassesses its recruiting and training practices, and encourages its employees to get involved in initiatives that support and create awareness for underserved and underrepresented communities.

JPMorgan Chase believes that continuous learning contributes immensely to long-term career growth. As a firm, it provides its employees with learning opportunities designed to build their skills, accelerate their development, and increase their opportunities for career mobility. From allowing employees to enroll in on-demand learning programs based on their goals, to making it easy to find professional certification or degree programs that’s right for them and supporting the development of leadership skills, JPMorgan Chase continues to invest in its most important resource, its people.

It invites potential candidates to have a choice in their career. Given the scale and breadth of its services, employees have several opportunities to explore uncharted territory in financial services, allowing them to work with exciting brands and clients, and become a well-rounded professional. JPMorgan Chase enjoins its employees to build a career that grows as they do.

At JPMorgan Chase, employees will join collaborative teams that care about their work and care about helping each other. They are encouraged to come to work as themselves, and they will have opportunities to innovate in whichever role they choose. Their work is guaranteed to have a positive impact on their customers, clients and communities as they work with one of the most admired companies in the world.

Employees will never stop learning at JPMorgan Chase, and in turn, JPMorgan Chase will learn with them, invest in them, and support them along the way. SPONSORED CONTENT.

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