Judy Ann Santos teary-eyed because of white onion prices

Actress Judy Ann Santos with onions. (Photo: Judy Ann Santos/Instagram)
Actress Judy Ann Santos with onions. (Photo: Judy Ann Santos/Instagram)

Renowned actress Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo complained about the rising prices of goods yet again, as seen in an August 22 Instagram story of the white onions she recently purchased.

Dahil kelangan kita… kesa mas kailangan mo ko, huhug kita at nanamnamin kita bago kita iluto.. importanteng namnamin ka bilang 550 ka per kilo! Kalerks!” she said.

(Because I need you, rather than you needing me, I will hug and savor you [the onion] before I cook you, it’s important for me to savor you because you’re P550 per kilo! That’s ridiculous.)

She added, “Sibuyas na puti!! Nakakaloka ka! Dati kelangan ka munang hiwain bago maluha.. ngayon, naiisip pa lang kita naiiyak na ko sa presyo mo!

(White onions! You are shocking me! Back then I would have to slice you first before being teary-eyed, now, just thinking about you makes me want to cry because of your price!)

In July, Santos-Agoncillo mentioned in Magandang Buhay that she was having a hard time maintaining her food vlogging outlet Judy Ann’s Kitchen out of hesitation that the recipes may be “unrelatable”, because of the rising prices of ingredients.

"Ayokong hindi maka-relate ‘yung viewers sa kung anumang lutuin ang gagawin ko kasi parang napaka-unfair naman,” Santos she said back then.

(I don’t want my viewers to not relate to the dishes since that seems unfair.)

Earlier this month, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) announced that July’s headline inflation was 6.4 percent, the highest since October 2018. Two weeks later, the agency mentioned that the family of five food threshold for 2021 was P8,379, meaning that families that spend food over that amount are not considered “food poor.”

Some onion growers have confirmed that the supply of white onions in warehouses is now empty. However, there are no problems in the supply of red onions, and it is expected to reach the holidays.

Mark Ernest Famatigan is a news writer who focuses on Philippine politics. He is an advocate for press freedom and regularly follows developments in the Philippine economy. The views expressed are his own.

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