Julia Barretto defends Kris Aquino over movie flop

23 Jul – Julia Barretto has recently dismissed the idea that her new movie, "I Love You, Hater", was a flop because of co-star Kris Aquino.

As reported on PEP, the actress, who wrote an open letter expressing her thoughts and feelings about the movie, stressed that the team will not allow any kind of negativity to lurk around their film from day one of the screening.

When a netizen asked whether it was Aquino who has been spreading the negativity and ruining the movie, Barretto immediately responded, "No, she did not ruin the movie and no, she is not spreading negativity. I can't imagine anyone else playing the role of Madam Sasha."

However, Aquino, who read the post, left her own message in the comment section, saying that she would shoulder the responsibility for the movie's failure, and expressed encouragement towards Barretto.

To that, Barretto responded, "I have loved you for you and your two sons and we all have built a good relationship so it also pains me to watch you blame yourself, Tita. You are loved by many and I don't want you to feel otherwise. We are onto our 2nd week and people have been showing love for our film. Whatever the outcome of the movie, no one deserves to take the blame."

She added that Aquino will forever be "Madam Sasha to my Zoey".

(Photo Source: Julia Barretto Instagram)