Julia Barretto reminds bashers: You don't know the whole story

23 Apr – Dismayed by netizens who are accusing her of using Joshua Garcia to gain fame, Julia Barretto recently decided to confront her bashers straight on via social media.

As reported on ABS-CBN, the actress singled out a Twitter user after the latter slammed her for making a statement about Garcia needing to "gain" her trust while she went off sharing a photo of her embracing Hollywood actor Cole Sprouse.

She posted, "My mom would always say "Choose your battles" but you seem to be crossing the line and I am starting to be concerned about you - with the amount of energy you're wasting on an issue that both Joshua and I have moved on from and an issue you aren't fully involved in or aware about."

Said Barretto, while she understands how some fans are affected by their previous issue, she believes that people have no right to attack her without the full knowledge of what's happening behind the cameras.

"I don't think you understand the amount of love and respect both Joshua and I have for each other. The things we both do to protect each other for strength just so we don't give the people who are trying to put us down the power to actually put us down. We will get up and stand up together."

She also expressed hope that the particular netizen would focus on positive things, and to be wary of how he or she treats others.

(Photo Source: Julia Barretto Instagram)