Julianne Hough Says She's an 'Open Book' After Sexuality Reveal and Posing Nude (Exclusive)

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Julianne Hough Says She's an 'Open Book' After Sexuality Reveal and Posing Nude (Exclusive)

Julianne Hough is getting candid about her family's reaction after her stunning nude magazine cover.

ET's Keltie Knight caught up with the America's Got Talent judge after Tuesday's episode, where she touched on the first live show of the season, as well as what her family thought of her Women's Health "Naked Strength" issue.

"I went to my family reunion right after this all came out and I was like, 'Alright, let's see what the family has to say,'" Hough, 31, recalled. "And honestly, it just goes to show that with all of our different backgrounds, our different beliefs, religiously or politically, whatever it may be, the common denominator is love and support and understand and listening."

The professional dancer also raved about her husband, Brooks Laich's, reaction to her naked cover shoot, as well as the accompanying profile where she shared that she was "not straight."

"My husband is the most supportive person ever. We talk about it all the time, if that was not the case we would have a very different relationship. But the reason why our relationship works is because we're completely raw and open and exposed," she explained. "At the end of the day, people are going to take whatever headlines they are going to take, and they did, and that is totally fine. But at the end of the day, if I feel like I have something to hide, in any sense, then that's not me being totally me."

When asked if she is ready for the world to now look at her relationship with a magnifying glass after her telling interview, Hough said she is "an open book."

"Yeah, obviously tonight people are asking us questions. The good news is I am an open book, ask away," she said. "I will tell you what I want to tell you. But life is just life, relationships are relationships and people can deem them whatever they want them to be, but as long as you know what it is, nothing else matters."

Meanwhile, Hough is loving her time on AGT. The first-time judge raved about the energy on set while the contestants competed in the quarter finals during the first live show.

"I felt like everybody was super confident and comfortable," the former Footloose star said. "When they came out, I feel like they were like, 'This is where I'm supposed to be and this is my moment.' So to be able to witness that and be a part of it is super special."

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesday at 8 p.m. on NBC. For more on Hough's nude photoshoot and interview, watch below.


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