Julie’s Bakeshops ventures in Indonesia

Julie's Bakeshop, the country's largest neighborhood bakery chain, is expanding overseas with the opening of its first international branch in Tangerine, Indonesia.

Joseph Gandionco, Julie's Franchise Corporation (JFC) President and Chief Executive Officer, said the first Julie's Bakeshop foreign franchise was awarded to Rudy Celeste.

"This year is the right time to start entering the international market. "We have prepared for this and we are confident we can realize our dream of making Julie's Bakeshop a global brand," said Gandionco.

According to Gandionco, Indonesia is just the start of this business direction. The company received inquiries from Malaysia, Thailand, Guam, Dubai, and even from the United States.

"We are all excited and we look forward to this opportunity," he said.

The Cebu-based Julie's Bakeshop will use the Philippine business model in its Indonesian operations.

In a statement, Gandionco explained that the company will do what it does best, and that is staying true to being the leading neighborhood bakeshop chain. "We make sure that products are served hot to the customers as we bake fresh breads every hour."

The company is dedicated to adhere to its commitment inside and outside the archipelago. A team of baking technicians as well seasoned personnel will provide support from pre-opening, until post opening operations of the first international branch.

Celeste, the Filipino franchisee in Indonesia, there is a big potential in the country, whose population is 2.5 times higher than the Philippines. World Population Review reveals that as of 2010, Indonesia had a population of 237.4 million.

"I have been in Indonesia for almost 29 years and my goal is to bring a Filipino brand in this country," Celeste said.

"I have been a fan of Julie's Bakeshop since I was a teenager and I really believe that there is a natural fit for Julie's Bakeshop in Indonesia. Its products and management have made me realize that this is the right Filipino brand to be in Indonesia."

All raw materials will be sourced in Tangerang, which hosts the largest flour mill in the country.

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