June babies are more likely to become tall and big, according to research


Is it true that June babies are tall, naturally funny, but less likely to be CEOs or leaders? What is the scientific explanation for this?

June babies

Research says that babies born in June have a tendency to have higher birth weight than other babies. June and July babies are also the ones who grow taller — there’s no scientific explanation for this, but statistics show.

Did you know that a baby’s weight at birth is strongly associated with mortality risk during the first year and, to a lesser degree, with developmental problems in childhood and the risk of various diseases in adulthood.

june babies

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Punctuality is their best suit

People born in June have a stronger internal clock — meaning they have a strong sense of time. You will never catch them late for anything and they work on the dot! This is actually a great trait because this will lead them to success.

Having a strong internal clock means that you have a strong sense of your sleep-wake cycle. This is a sensory thing that is actually processed in our brain. Aside from sleep-wake, you’ll also feel the advantage of this when it comes to your daily rhythm of hunger, mental alertness, mood, stress, heart function, and immunity.

They are naturally funny

june babies

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They are literally called rays of sunshine because they are fun to be with and have a very positive outlook in life. They are also less prone to depression and mental health conditions like SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Although your emotions can’t just be based on your birth month, there’s a study in 2015 that says your birth month can somehow affect what types of illnesses you will have. But aside from that, a mother’s exposure to certain seasonal conditions could be a factor too.

But they are still prone to mood swings

Although they are usually positive and happy, they are still prone to mood swings. June babies actually have lower dopamine and serotonin levels, which are two chemicals in the brain that help us process emotions.

June babies are less likely to be famous

june babies

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In a survey of 300 celebrities, it was found that famous people are mostly born in January and February. So if your dream for your kid is to be a star — you might want to work harder for it!

There’s not a lot of leaders that are born in June

If March babies are more likely to become CEOs, there’s also a research that suggests June babies are less likely to become one.

Although there’s a slim chance according to research and statistics — you can still make your kid stand out. Cultivate their skills and allow them to grow at their own pace.

How accurate is this?

It is said that the month or year you are born in plays a part in your personality spectrum. But then there’s also genes, upbringing and everything else that will help your kid grow into the best person he or she could be.

Their environment, your support and the way you’ll discipline your kids will still have the biggest impact on them. So if in the future they want to become this or that — just show your support and you will be surprised how they can stand out.

How important is your support?

Nurturing your child’s emotional health means giving them the support and guidance they need to develop ways to manage emotions, which will help them navigate every stage of their life.

Here are some things to consider when trying to raise an emotionally healthy kid?

Acknowledge their struggles. Being in denial or downplaying their struggles, like fears or insecurities, won’t make them go away. Acknowledging the difficulties your son is facing can pave the way for proper guidance and it can help keep these struggles from hindering his emotional development.

Validate their feelings. Reassure him that his emotions matter. Do not be dismissive when your son shows sensitivity. This is where “emotional coaching” can also come in. There is no such thing as a “bad feeling,” even those that upset them are valid and worth paying attention to.

Don’t react but reflect without judgment. Try not to be too reactive and listen intently first before offering your opinion. Listening helps kids develop emotional expression, encouraging them to explore their emotional vocabulary.

Reach out to others for help, if needed. As parents, it can be difficult to admit that you need others’ guidance when it comes to your kids, but this will sometimes be the case. Do not hesitate to seek professional help or to enlist the help of an older relative to help kids manage stress and anxiety when needed.

Spend quality time together. There’s nothing like freeing up hours of your day just to focus on them, especially when they are having a difficult time. This lessens pressure on your chance and gives you a chance to bond and communicate in a fun and relaxed setting.

Don’t pressure them to open up. Allow them to express their emotions at their own pace. Just reassure them that you’ll be there for them whenever they’re ready to talk.

Look after your own emotional health. Above all, care for your own emotional well-being. Making sure you are healthy in this department helps you care for your kid’s needs better. It takes happy and content parents to help kids grow into well-adjusted, emotionally savvy adults.



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March babies are more likely to become CEOs, according to research


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