Jurassic World 2 will be 'much scarier' than Jurassic World

Ben Arnold
Scary… get ready to hide behind the cushions for Jurassic World 2 – Credit: Universal

Thanks to having J.A. Bayona at the helm – director of the very-frightening-indeed ‘The Orphanage’ – it looks like we’ll soon be getting a rather more scary look into the world of genetically engineered dinosaurs.

So says Colin Trevorrow, director of ‘Jurassic World’ and and writer of the forthcoming sequel ‘Jurassic World 2’.

In a gushing celebration of the Spanish director’s talents, he told CinemaBlend: “J.A Bayona is very good at [creating scares].

(Credit: Universal)

“There are things that he’ll just do with a shadow, or a rustling curtain on a wall. He’s so tapped into that kind of fear, especially the fear through the eyes of a child.

“He and I are just simpatico, as an American and a Spanish person. We may be the mirrors of each other. It is by far the most satisfying collaboration of my life.”

He went on: “First of all I think the mainstream loves being scared, and I think the scares in the first movie were made to make children think like they were seeing something horrifying, that their parents shouldn’t be allowing them to see.

“We have that a little bit here. But there’s also that same big, fun adventure, sweeping, romantic kind of action in part of the movie. That people seemingly responded really well to. We’re not throwing it all way, but we’re definitely going to some new places.”

As you’d expect, while he’s happy to talk style, details of the story are not forthcoming, and have been kept very much under wraps throughout the movie’s production.

(Credit: Instagram/J.A. Bayona)

All we know thus far is that the concept for the movie hangs on ‘a mistake made a long time ago just can’t be undone’, Trevorrow revealed last year.

Whether this encompasses the concept of ‘weaponised’ dinosaurs – as per the rumours of raptors being used for military purposes that have circulated the internet for some time – we can’t know for sure just yet.

All will be revealed when Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are joined by Jeff Goldblum, James Cromwell, Rafe Spall and Toby Jones in the sequel, which is due out in June, 2018.

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