Kakai Bautista On Mario Maurer And The Year Of The Snake

Mario Maurer, famous Asian teen model and actor with over six hundred thousand followers on Twitter, has left his heart in Manila. He would constantly tweet, email, and text a Filipina actress here and it's not his leading lady Erich Gonzales in their recent Star Cinema movie. It's the simple and unassuming comedian in their movie, Kakai Bautista. On our rehearsals for the opening number of "It's Showtime" on ABS-CBN, Kakai showed me some texts Mario was sending her like Happy New Year greetings and "I miss you too" texts. I was intrigued and I asked her if something more than friendship was going on between them, and she just she gave her signature laugh that shook all the walls of the ABS-CBN studios, "No, Mario has a girlfriend for nine years in Thailand. I'd hate to break them up, hahaha! but given a chance, why not? After all, it is the year of the snake!" Kakai laughed away with all her gums showing and her tonsils glaring at my soul.

Calm down Mario Maurer fans, Kakai does know her place and these are just lines to make everybody laugh. For those of you who only know Mario Maurer and are wondering who this snake Kakai Bautista is, she is not a snake - she's a worm. Discovered by director Ricky Rivero back in 2003 after her explosive appearance in the play, "Alikabok," Ricky asked her to audition for Lauren Dyogi's teleserye "Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay" as Bea Alonzo's BFF (best friends forever), and the rest is history.

Giselle: So Kakai, what are your latest projects?

Kakai: Si Mario Maurer pina-project ko, locally, si Tutti Caringal ng 6Cyclemind, bwahaha!

Giselle: (to myself-Did she just sniff rugby before this interview, how higher can she get than this) What do you and Mario have in common and why is he so fond of you?

Kakai: Fond lang talaga Ate Giselle, para namang aso ni Mario ang peg mo sa akin. Pero seriously, one thing that Mario and I have in common is that he likes happy people

He sees the clown he was looking for in me! Filipinos by fact are very affectionate, but Thais, they need a process before they give in to you as a friend. It took me time to penetrate his mind and heart.

Giselle: And you had to use the term "penetrate?"

Kakai: Hahaha, I'm sorry I'm not prepared for this interview. Someday, I will...

Giselle: Be prepared for the interview?

Kakai: No, penetrate him... bwahaha! I mean his entire being as a superfriend!

Giselle: What do you want to happen this 2013 for your career?

Kakai: Na dumami pa raket ko para mapa-ayos ko gums ko! Seriously, I'd like to sing more so the Filipinos can see my talent in singing.

Giselle: Yes I remember you doing a "Katy" run in malls nationwide. If given a chance, would you audition as Isay Alvarez's understudy for "Katy?"

Kakai: (this time she's getting serious) Wow, of course if they gave me a chance I would. I love not only the role of "Katy" but Katy per se. She is the epitome of what an artist should be. Mahal niya trabaho niya at mahal niya yung fans niya - yan si Katy! She loved her craft so much, she was willing to lose everything even the people she loved, that's how intense Katy was. Sad to say nowadays, some actresses just take for granted their work, all for the money. Our passion for our craft and love for arts has diminished. I'm not in Isays play but I urge everyone to watch "Katy" this January especially the people of the arts like us.

"Katy" runs at the Cultural Center of the Philippines from Jan. 17-27.