New Kanye West album ‘Rich Black American’ hoax or real deal?

Rumors of a new Kanye West album, titled "Rich Black American" are sweeping the internet on Monday, February 4. 

The rumors stem from Twitter users who viewed a report on, which appears to show an obscure photo of a digital track list of a Kanye West album titled "Rich Black American". The photo, the source of which is currently unconfirmed, shows the release date 2013 and seven song tracks featuring collaborations with artists such as Florence Welch, Skillrex, Beyoncé and others.

However Kanye West himself has yet to confirm, or deny, these rumors: his Twitter account however appears to have been cleaned up leaving only a few Tweets sent late in January saying "Truth," "Beauty," "Minimalism," "Emotion," "Soul," "Awesomeness" and finally "Functionality."

One of the tracks on the alleged album is titled "Perfect Bitch." This ties into reports that earlier this year Kanye played a song from his laptop at a New York party which, according to a New York Daily News report, was about finding, what Kanye charmingly termed, "the perfect bitch."