Kanye West's Wyoming ranch fleet of cars is up for auction

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A collection of four-wheel-drive trucks and SUVs used on Ye's (formerly Kanye West) ranch property in Wyoming are up for auction. While some celebrity vehicle auctions can be plumbed for unique collectors' pieces or signposts of wealth-fueled eccentricity (and the latter would certainly be on-brand for West), what we have here is a relatively practical (and modest) fleet of Ford Expeditions, Raptors and Super Duties just waiting to be put back to work now that the ranch itself is up for sale.

The remaining vehicles are listed at Musser Bros. Auctions, and for entirely reasonable prices (at least that was the case at publication time). Nope, no wild paint finishes or lifted-to-the-stratosphere examples to be found in this bunch. They are wrapped, but you can have that removed for $250 if you're the lucky winner, but if you plan to get them dirty, might as well leave it on. The paint might appreciate it.

While there aren't any wild mods to be found, the trucks are not actually bone-stock. The Super Duty and Raptor are wearing a CK Fab Front Bumper and Method Wheels, for example, and the Super Duty has an aftermarket gooseneck receiver and portable diesel tank. The Expedition appears to be stock, but the listing indicates that it's equipped with Ford's Stealth package. Granted, you can't see most of the blacked-out trim and other unique elements with this wrap if you choose to keep it, but at least you'd get the upgraded interior?

The listings will remain live through Nov. 23, so you have plenty of time to bid on your fantasy celebrity-touched ranch rat if you're so inclined.

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