'Karaoke' for Xbox promises 8,000 streaming songs

Just as SiNG Party takes its place as a Wii U launch title, Microsoft is announcing Karaoke for the Xbox 360, due before the year is out.

Promised in time for the year-end holidays, Karaoke, a collaboration between Microsoft and The Karaoke Channel, is to offer 8,000 songs and dumps one-off track fees in favor of hourly rates.

The game requires an Xbox Live connection and a compatible microphone, and its approach is surprisingly similar to that of PlayStation 3 title SingStar, which became a pay-per-song download in October -- except Karaoke will be charging 2-, 4- or 24-hour chunks.

Karaoke's demo songs will be rotated on a regular basis, and the game will include a SmartGlass feature that can feed song-searching to a tablet or mobile device.