Kardashian fans can't stop laughing at this video of Kendall Jenner from Kourtney's Italian wedding

Photo credit: Kendall Jenner - Instagram
Photo credit: Kendall Jenner - Instagram

In case you missed it (you most definitely did not) Kourtney Kardashain and Travis Barker tied the knot for the third, and presumably final, time over the weekend in a lavish Italian wedding ceremony. While the looks, the gossip and the MIA people have pretty much taken over our feeds, there's one bit of hilarious content from the weekend that fans are absolutely not coping with, featuring Kylie, Kendall and some treacherous stairs.

If you thought that after two previous weddings we'd be over Kravis's super romantic but just a little chaotic marriage story, you'd be very wrong. In actual fact, the whole thing feels like it's just getting started right? This weekend the pair held their official big do, in a rustic setting in Portofino, and obviously Instagram has been a wild ride ever since.

But, while most people were discussing Kourtney's corset dress, Khloé's Story of Travis licking Kourtney's face, or wondering what Scott Disick did instead of attending the wedding, others were busy cracking up over this video of Kendall trying to get up the stairs in her wedding outfit.

The video, which Kylie posted to her Story shows Kendall in the tight, floor-length gown which she wore to the ceremony, trying to get up a set of steep brick steps. And it really does look like a challenge.

While Kendall struggles, Kylie helpfully laughs along as she films her sister, before saying to the camera "These stairs are crazy."

The video, which is currently doing the rounds on TikTok is pretty much sending fans, with the comment section filling up. While plenty of comments refer to the, ahem, previous incident with the cucumber chopping, others came to Kendall's defence pointing out how normal it is to struggle in dresses like these.

Obviously, the dress is gorgeous. But... this is pretty hilarious.

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