Karen Davila sets record straight on Imee Marcos’s viral joke

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Broadcast journalist Karen Davila. (Source: Karen Davila/Facebook)
Broadcast journalist Karen Davila. (Source: Karen Davila/Facebook)

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila has spoken up about her interview with Senator Imee Marcos, which went viral on social media because of Marcos’ joke.

The president-elect’s sister joked about how the journalist was still in the country despite Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr’s win.

"It's nice to see you're still here in the Philippines. Akala ko magma-migrate ka 'pag nanalo ang Marcos (I thought you will migrate if Marcos wins)," the senator said.

Davila, meanwhile, only laughed and said that she’s always hoping for the best for the country.

The premier broadcast journalist on Wednesday (June 1) set the record straight regarding the exchange.

Napikon po ba ako? Hindi po (Did I become poor sport? No),” she wrote on Facebook, adding that some people are “maliciously posting the video without my response.”

The journalist later shared another post which said “In victory, resist the temptation to gloat. Graciousness is a class act.”

In the ANC Headstart interview, the dictator’s daughter insisted that historical revisionism is not part of their agenda, but would like to give their side of the story.

Karen Davila earlier wrote on Twitter against historical revisionism, which the Marcoses have been accused of repeatedly.

She said that moving forward does not mean erasing the history of the country. The news anchor also emphasized that recognizing the wrongs committed in the past and also demanding accountability is not synonymous to being against a united country.

According to fact-checking initiative Tsek.ph, the Marcoses benefited the most from disinformation and misleading posts in social media.

Moreover, former Cambridge Analytica employee-turned-whistleblower Brittany Kaiser earlier revealed that now President-elect Marcos Jr. had approached the political data company to “rebrand” the Marcos family’s image on social media.

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