Kate Lawler on leaving Virgin radio: 'I was such a mess six months ago'

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Kate Lawler at the Audio and Radio Industry Awards in 2018. (Getty Images)
Kate Lawler at the Audio and Radio Industry Awards in 2018. (Getty Images)

Kate Lawler has opened up about life since leaving Virgin Radio.

The DJ and radio star, who shot to fame when she won the third series of Big Brother in 2002, announced she was leaving the station last month in order to focus on her family.

Speaking to Kate Thornton on the White Wine Question Time podcast, the 41-year-old said she had 'loved every minute' of spending more time with her daughter Noa in her first week, even though she hadn't had her usual childcare from her fiance's mum who was on holiday.

She said: "I know that I feel better. And I feel like I can breathe and I feel happier... Even without childcare, I've loved every minute.

"Nine months ago, even six months ago, I wouldn't have been able to say this because I was in such a mess. And I never thought I'd be happy again. And I never thought I would spend the day with Noa where I didn't cry. I feel like I've really come quite a long way."

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Lawler said that though the decision to leave her job at Virgin after six years was a big one, her bosses were 'so understanding' and have left the door open if she wants to return.

But she said the decision was already paying off, and that she could spend 'quality' time with her daughter.

"I feel really grateful that I can afford to make it work and spend more time with her and, actually have other avenues of income that mean I can work more flexibly around Noa as well."

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She also talked about her expectations of parenthood, and how she used to mock her twin sister for calling herself a 'full-time mum', saying she was 'so mean to her'.

"I was very naive in thinking that being a parent was not a full time job," she explained. "I was so out of order. I had no idea what being a parent entailed.

"I was like: 'Oh you just sit at home and take kids to the park', but it is so full on and demanding."

Lawler and her fiance, Martin Bojtos, hosted a podcast throughout her pregnancy called Maybe Baby about their decision to have a child. Her instagram feed is an honest portrayal of life with a one-year-old and she has been very open about the postnatal depression she experienced after the birth.

Kate Lawler celebrates after winning Big Brother, on the final day of the contest. (PA Images via Getty Images)
Kate Lawler celebrates after winning Big Brother, on the final day of the contest. (PA Images via Getty Images)

She spoke about her decision to move Noa into her own room at five months, with a sock monitor linked to her phone that would read all of the baby's vital stats such as heart rate and oxygen levels, which gave her the confidence to put her in her own room.

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She said: "But I had a few Karens [say]: 'It's six months actually, I don't think you're supposed to do that at five months.'

"'I know, it's a guideline though Kaz!' But at the same time, social media and can be really lovely when you need help, or you have a question, or you're stuck.'

Explaining she had recently shared a post about Noa only having two teeth despite being 14 months old, she said a lot of people messaged to reassure her about their own children's late teeth.

Lawler said: "It makes you puts your mind at rest and it helps you a lot."

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