Kate Upton Burger Ad a Web Hit

Claudine Zap

Carl’s Jr. is known for pairing attractive women with mammoth meals in its commercials: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Padma Lakshmi have all memorably chomped their way through the fast-food chain’s ad spots. But the franchise, which also includes Hardee’s, hit the jackpot with its ad featuring Kate Upton.

The delicious dish is featured at a 1950s-style drive-in in a convertible, looking irresistible. And the Southwest patty melt looks pretty tasty, too.

The blond beauty, wearing a retro-style polka-dot dress, is shown devouring a jalapeno-filled sandwich, causing her to sweat as she bites her way through her burger, making full use of the back seat and even the hood of her car.

No question, the racy food ad is a hit, and has already been viewed on the Web more than 484,000 times. The commercial was filmed just weeks before it was announced that the 19-year-old would grace the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which only added to the feeding frenzy. Yahoo! searches include “kate upton carls jr commercial,” “ kate upton hardees commercial,” and “kate upton sports illustrated 2012.”