Kathryn Bernardo's mom urges fans not to use her name in their accounts

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Min Bernardo and daughter Kathryn (Source: Min Bernardo/Instagram)
Min Bernardo and daughter Kathryn (Source: Min Bernardo/Instagram)

Min Bernardo, the mother of Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo, urged her fans not to use her daughter’s name and photos in their social media accounts.

Min took to Instagram on Monday (September 20) to announce that Kathryn now has her own official business domain. The concerned mother, however, also opened up about how her daughter struggles to use her own name on social media platforms because of accounts bearing her name.

“We are also appealing to Kathryn’s fans to refrain from using her name and her image in the creation of any digital platform which can be confused as official accounts, merchandise or additional social media handles being managed either by Kathryn or her team,” Min wrote.

Min went on to recall how Kathryn’s Facebook account with over 12 million followers was never returned to her by the fans handling the page.

She also shared how they could not even use the domain “bernardokath.com” since someone claiming to be a fan already owns it.

Ngayon naman itong bernardokath.com may unang nakakuha and gumamit ng name, sad to say nirequest namin na baka kami ang pwede naman gumamit nag ask kami if they willing to let go the domain, how much… na shock lang kami sa asking amount niya. Fan pa daw siya since 2013. Sad to say, sarili mo ng pangalan di mo pwedeng gamitin,” she said.

(Translation: Now someone got to bernardokath.com first got and use its name. Sad to say that we requested if we might use that (the domain). We asked if they are they're willing to let go of the domain, and for how much ... We were just shocked at the asking price. The person claims he/she is a fan since 2013. Sad to say, you cannot use your own name.)

On the same post, Min made a list of her daughter’s official accounts.

Kathryn may be contacted via business@everydaykath.com.

  • Twitter: @bernardokath

  • Instagram: @bernardokath

  • Facebook: misskathrynbernardo

  • YouTube: everydaykath

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