KC Concepcion is proud of her half-sisters' success

Heidi Hsia

29 May – Although they have their own separate lives, KC Concepcion recently revealed that she is always up-to-date with her half-sisters' activities and in awe with their success.

As reported on Push, the singer-actress who spoke about her three sisters in an interview with Tim Yap, shared that she admires Frankie Pangilinan - daughter of Concepcion's mother Sharon Cuneta and politician Francis Pangilinan - for her talent in expressing herself.

"She writes novels. She writes songs. She loves the indie scene too. Whichever direction she might go... sometimes I see her and I'm like, 'Girl, you can be in politics the way you express yourself.' There are things she's able to say that I would never be able to say," she said.

As for Garie and Cloie, her half-sisters from father Gabby Concepcion, the actress stated that she is proud of what they have achieved.

"When I see Garie singing and just doing her YouTube, when I see her performing on stage losing herself, she's fully 100% committed to her song, I love watching her when she's like that. She knows her range. She knows her love for music. I love seeing that," she said.

On Cloie Syquia Skarne, who now lives in Sweden with her mother and stepfather, Concepcion stated that the beauty queen is doing well living in the country with her boyfriend.

However, Concepcion stressed that she would never get involved in her siblings' career choices, and instead would express support for them.

(Photo Source: Chisms)