KC Montero regrets leaving home only to be arrested at a bar

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30 Jun – Radio DJ KC Montero recently defended himself over a recent incident, where he was arrested among 113 others in a police raid at Makati high-rise bar for violating quarantine restrictions.

As reported on GMA News, in a series of now-deleted tweets, the DJ expressed his regret for going out to have a meal instead of just staying home and watching "Gilmore Girls", since it only ended with him being arrested by the police for just going to a place that was open.

He also criticised the manner of the arrest, saying, "So they take all of us from a wide-open area, cram us into a tiny police station, hot and no AC, then cram us on to a truck shoulder to shoulder. How is that responsible? The exact opposite of social distancing."

"[They] arrested us for not social distancing (we were practising it). We were there for 5 minutes for dinner. This is absolutely ridiculous."

It is noted that bars in Makati are still prohibited from opening, despite restaurants being allowed to operate since the government announced the easing off of the enhanced community quarantine to general community quarantine.

Montero also retweeted the trending page which revealed that his name is currently trending in the Philippines, and wrote, "Well that's neat, isn't it?"

(Photo Source: Makati Police)

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