Keep your doggo secure in the back seat with this hammock

Autoblog Staff

For many of us, our pets are some of the most cherished things in our lives, but for many of us too little thought is put into car rides with our furry friends. Too often our dogs are permitted to dangerously roam around the car completely unfastened. Not only does this present a huge potential distraction to the driver, but it can also create discomfort and uncertainty for your dog. There are several solutions for this, but few are as elegant and affordable as this AmazonBasics Seat Cover, a backseat hammock for Fido.

Our very own Senior Director of Business Management Adam Morath recently purchased the hammock for his pups Dylan and Ripley, and they've been loving it. He even offered this piece of advice for anyone looking to pick one up. "Don't try to fold your split rear seats with it still attached. It will tear. But, that's 100% user-error/forgetfulness. It's super easy to unhook, and you can undo one side at a time if you've got the dog and need to fold one of the seats." 

If you've been looking for a better way to travel with your dog, you can pick up the AmazonBasics Seat Cover for Pets right here for just $19.

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