Keep the kids happy on road trips with our favorite car DVD players

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Car DVD players can help keep your kids occupied on long trips and make the journey more enjoyable. Check out our buying guide for more information. Children can become restless on long car rides and demand your attention. This can be dangerous, as it’s important to concentrate on the road while driving. This is where a car DVD player can come in handy, and ones with headphone jacks included mean you won’t even have to listen to the movie as you drive.

As well as a decent-sized screen, clear images, and high-quality sound, there are plenty more features you might be interested in when choosing a car DVD player. We’ll discuss those later in the article, but check out our list of the highest-rated car DVD players in 2022 first. We’ve done plenty of research, cross-checking various products to provide you with a list of affordable and reliable car DVD players that can help make your family’s car rides a blast.

Here are the top car DVD players of 2022

FANGOR Dual DVD Player for Cars: Our pick

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This 10.5-inch FANGOR car DVD player comes with two monitors that can be connected with included wires to watch the same DVD on both devices, and it can also be hooked up to your TV at home. The main monitor will last five hours when used by itself, and when both monitors are used simultaneously they’ll last around two and a half hours before needing to be charged again. This product comes with all the necessary cables and attachments for mounting the player to the back of your car’s seats. It also has a remote control that lets you use it as a regular DVD player in your home if you want to. This DVD player is all-region, meaning it’s compatible with DVDs from around the world, so if you pick up a movie as you’re traveling the globe you can just pop it in and enjoy the show.


  • Two monitors included for simultaneous watching

  • All-region DVD compatible

  • Picks up where you stopped watching


  • Does not work with Blu-ray discs

SUNPIN PD969 Portable DVD Player for Cars: Another great option

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This SUNPIN portable DVD player offers a 9.5-inch screen and comes with an ergonomically designed remote control for easy use wherever you go, letting your passengers enjoy HD videos on long car journeys. Mounting brackets and a car charger are also included, two convenient features that can help this car DVD player boost enjoyment on the go. You can watch DVDs as the player charges, and a single charge can last up to six hours. The player is compatible with DVDs from all regions and has dual headphone jacks that let two people listen to the video at once, keeping the kids busy and the driver distraction-free. This product also comes with a 12-month warranty, providing you with some extra peace of mind.


  • Two headphone jacks

  • Upgraded remote control included

  • High-definition LCD screen


  • Difficulty using remote control in the car

WONNIE 10" Portable Dual Screen DVD Player: Also consider

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This WONNIE 10-inch car DVD player includes two monitors, each with high-quality built-in speakers. You can watch movies on these monitors wherever you are-- the front seat, the back seat-- simultaneously, playing one DVD on both devices, and the HD screens are big enough to give you a great picture. This device is compatible with DVDs from any region, so you won’t have to worry when buying DVDs online. You can also connect the player to a TV screen, making it great to bring along on vacation and even use in your home. If you encounter any issues with this product, don’t worry-- it’s backed by a one-year money-back guarantee and lifetime customer support.


  • Two monitors included

  • Large built-in speakers deliver clear audio

  • Compatible with DVDs from any region


  • Volume controls may be difficult for children

SUNPIN Portable DVD Player for Cars: Another option

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We’ve got another SUNPin portable DVD player on our list, and this one boasts a 10.1-inch screen and is available in black, blue, and purple. Its built-in dual stereo speakers are clear and loud, but if you’re looking for distraction-free driving, there’s also a dual headphone jack that lets two people plug in and listen at the same time. This player comes with a mount to attach the DVD player to the back of a headrest, and it also includes controls easy enough for a child to understand. This player can be used to play CDs, and it comes with some fun extra features like slow motion, rotating image, and zoom, and will even pick up where you left off when you resume play. One thing to note-- while it’s advertised as region-free, some users encountered difficulties trying to play certain DVDs.


  • Dual headphone jack

  • Five hours of playtime between charges

  • Anti-shock feature for smooth continued viewing


  • Difficulties playing DVDs from certain regions

HDJUNTUNKOR Portable DVD Player: Also try

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This HDJUNTUNKOR portable DVD player has a 10.1-inch screen and comes with a mount for car seat headrests. It also has easy-to-use controls located on the front of the player that shouldn’t pose a problem for children. This product can play DVDs from all regions as well as CDs, and thanks to its USB and SD card slots you can even play videos from these devices as well. This player has a break-point memory feature that lets you continue playing DVDs from the place you stopped watching, and your passengers will be able to use this product for up to five hours between charges. You have two options when it comes to charging, either an AC power source or a car charger, and both of these cables are included.


  • Adjustable swivel screen for better viewing

  • Break-point memory feature

  • Charging cables included


  • Issues with sound

Buying guide: Car DVD players

Now that you’ve seen our favorite car DVD players of 2022, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure you find the right product for you. Keep reading to find out what you should consider when looking for a car DVD player.

Keep kids occupied with a large, high-resolution screen

Look for DVD players with large screen sizes so your children can watch movies without having to strain their eyes. The screen should be large enough to view clearly without making the device too large to fit comfortably on the back of your headrest.

The screen's resolution refers to the number of pixels-- the more pixels, the sharper and clearer the image. For example, HD DVD players have over 1,080 pixels and offer crystal-clear images.

Included attachment features mean less hassle

Most car DVD players include attachment features, as you’ll often need to attach these products to the back of a seat headrest. Some may not, though, so check to see if they’re included before you buy. Similarly, check the quality of the attachment device by reading customer reviews. 

What region DVDs are DVD players compatible with?

Different DVDs have different region codes. For example, any DVDs made for use in the US are classified as Region 1, and DVDs made in other parts of the world have different region codes too. DVD players can often only play DVDs from a particular region, but many newer, region-free models of DVD players can play DVDs no matter what region they’re from.

Compatible with USB and SD cards

Some car DVD players can read and play movies and music from a USB or SD card. Check to see whether the product has a USB and/or SD port and see how much memory the DVD player allows-- some DVD players may not pick up on a 32GB SD card, whereas others will.

Look for a car DVD player with a long battery life

Many portable DVD players can be used for five hours between charges, but this will depend on the screen’s brightness and how high the volume is. It also depends on how well you look after your battery-- overcharging and undercharging the device will end up affecting how long it lasts. You can get a good idea of how long a player’s battery lasts by reading customer reviews-- product descriptions can help, but customer reviews will likely be more accurate.

Choose a DVD player that will pick up where you left off

Occasionally, you may reach your destination before your kids finish watching their movies. Setting up the movie and getting back to the same point your children stopped watching can be time-consuming (and even a little frustrating), so for this reason you should look for a DVD player with break-point memory that will automatically play from where you stopped watching.

Other features to consider

There are some features that aren’t exactly essential for a car DVD player to include, but they can make watching movies on the go a little more interesting. Slow-motion playback is a neat feature that your children might enjoy, and maybe consider a car DVD player that can rotate images and zoom in, letting your little ones enjoy their favorite movies in new and fun ways.

Dual monitors for those reluctant to share

Some car DVD players come with an additional monitor, and this is usually attached to the main monitor and DVD player via a wire. This means that you only need to play one DVD and it will show on both monitors, but it’s important to note that using two monitors instead of one will significantly reduce the device’s battery life.

Dual headphone jacks

If you have two children, you may prefer to purchase a device that comes with one monitor and dual headphone jacks-- this lets two children watch on one monitor and listen through two sets of headphones. You may choose to buy a DVD player with headphone jacks so you can listen to music while you drive and the kids watch their movies. Alternatively, you can drive in silence-- sometimes, there’s nothing a parent loves more than a little peace and quiet.

Ensure the player has excellent speaker quality

Some children don’t like the feeling of wearing headphones, so make sure that the player’s speakers are high-quality and don’t sound too tinny. Look for speakers that use dual stereos, as this creates the illusion of depth of sound, as well as ones that can create both bass and treble notes.

Choose a car DVD Player with a remote control

You may wonder why you’d need a remote control for a car DVD player, as your children will be able to reach the control buttons from their seats. There may be times when you feel the need to adjust the volume or do something on the player that your children simply don't know how to do, and you can even pause the DVD player from the front seat if the kids fall asleep.

Car DVD players with remote controls can also be connected to your home television, letting you use them as a standard DVD player. This can be a valuable feature when going on vacation-- if you’re driving to your destination, you can use the DVD player in the car and set it up wherever you’re staying. If this sounds like something you might want to do, ensure the product has all the necessary wiring to do this.

Car DVD Player FAQs

Q: Can I put a DVD player on the dashboard of the car?

It’s not illegal to have a DVD player in the front of your vehicle for passenger use, but many drivers may find this distracting. We recommend only using your DVD player in the backseat if possible, but if you are using a portable DVD player in the front of the car, we strongly recommend using headphones so the driver doesn’t become distracted.

Q: Why can’t I play my Blu-rays on my DVD Player?

You can’t play Blu-rays on a DVD player because the Blu-ray disc format holds a lot more information than a simple DVD. There’s too much information on Blu-rays for a DVD player to read, and if it did show the information it picked up on it would just be a nonsensical mess.

Q: How long should a car DVD player last?

A car DVD player should last up to four years. Ensure that it’s adequately charged and try not to charge it too much or too little, as this will reduce the amount of charge the battery can take in the long run. To make sure you get the most use out of your car DVD player as possible, you should try to clean it regularly. Dust it with a damp cloth (but never a wet cloth) any time your children touch it with sticky hands, and at least once every two weeks.

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