Kekert: Eva’s homemade face masks

Kristalle Kekert

USING her skills to make colorfully designed face masks out of cotton fabric, teacher, wife and mother Eva Diez spends her time and energy sewing and is thriving even during the quarantine period!

Offering protection, the wearing of masks has become our new normal, and Eva chose to design one that is durable, comfortable, practical, affordable and fashionable. Eva developed some techniques and creativity through constant practice. The tracing and cutting per mask takes her roughly 10 minutes.

“For durability, most of the mask is done using the sewing machine but when adding the embellishments, which are pieces made of wood sewn in as an accent, that part is all hand-stitched,” she said.

“I use cotton fabric to cater to the ones who are sensitive to fibers that trigger sneezing, for cotton has many advantages such as the ability to control moisture, provide comfort being a hypo-allergenic, as well as being breathable. It is also biodegradable, making it friendly to the environment.”

Eva’s homemade face masks come in different sizes, designs and color, which cater to adults and children alike.

“My masks are washable, reversible (each side having a different fabric design and color variation) with provisions to insert filters making it a practical piece to wear,” Eva added.

For inquiries, check “Ave Zeid” (Eva Diez in reverse) on Facebook.