Kendall Coyne Schofield cuts new path for girls in hockey

Kendall Coyne Schofield hopes to inspire female athletes

The ice hockey legend has written a new book

It's a mix of memoir and practical advice for young people


"Have attitudes shifted? I would say they have shifted slightly and the reason they have shifted are the more opportunities for girls and women in hockey, so, girls are growing up knowing that there is a place for them in this sport. When I was growing up it was alongside my brother. It was alongside the boys and I didn't feel any different

Coyne Schofield is also gunning for a spot at the Beijing Games

She has been training with other hopefuls for Team USA

Team USA is hoping to defend their Olympic title

"we missed a whole year and a half of evaluation, competition, and while we're here we really feel like we're making up for lost time and, so, we know there's always going to be a target on our back when we go into the Olympic games."

The Olympics kick off on February 4

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