Kendall Jenner opens up about social media addiction

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Photo credit: Kendall Jenner - Instagram
Photo credit: Kendall Jenner - Instagram

Social media is a pretty big part of being a Kardashian - to say the least. So it's no wonder that managing that relationship and the effect it has on your mental health is something that Kendall Jenner says she struggles with. In a recent interview she opened up about her social media addiction, and how it often leaves her feeling "detached" from the real world.

Speaking to mental health expert Dr. Jorge Partida for Vogue's project, Open Minded: Unpacking Anxiety, Kendall detailed the struggles she has had with social media over the years, explaining that her relationship with it is "a bit addictive" at the moment.

"I don't like [it] and I'm not proud to say that," she said, adding, "but I also feel like that's something that probably most of us can relate to.

"There's just literally too much [social media]. I find that the more I'm looking at the screen, the more detached I feel with my own body or to what's happening right in front of me."

She also spoke about struggling with the way she and her family are spoken about on social media.

"Something that boils my blood, that really frustrates me and I think upsets me the most is when it's someone claiming a false narrative for me. The Internet, I guess, bases things off of such small moments with no context."

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"They don't know the before or the after and they'll take that and run with it and then completely judge you off of this one little thing," she continued.

Kendall explained it can be "something as simple as [people] didn't like what I looked like in [a] photo," but that "Because of social media, everything is highlighted, everything is heightened whether good or bad.

"I feel most of my social media anxiety is actually more the overwhelmingness of it all," she added. "I have moments of feeling like I'm breaking or feeling like I can't take it anymore because sometimes it does feel like I can never do anything right."

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In the past Kendall has opened up on KUWTK about struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, and has explained that she finds journalling and writing helpful for managing those feelings.

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