Keukenhof: Breathlessly beautiful (Part 1)

Chinggay V. Utzurrum

I JUST couldn’t resist sharing these amazing flower fields with you. A friend of a friend sent them to me. So for added impact, I will give him my column today, so he can enliven the sights and smells of “The Most Beautiful Tulip Garden in the World” more vividly!

“As a real Dutchman and landscape photographer, I always enjoy taking photographs of our beautiful Dutch flowers, which I show to the whole world. Most of you may have already heard of Keukenhof in the Netherlands, the ‘Most Beautiful Tulip Garden’ in the world. Each year, it attracts tourists by the millions—and considering it’s only open in the spring. This year is special—Keukenhof is closed for the first time in 71 years. Nevertheless, there is a hard-working crew ever-present to maintain the gardens even if there are no tourists. The Garden Show must go on!

I have been photographing tulips like forever, from any angle whatever the season, but never without people. Because of the Covid-19 virus keeping tourists away, I knew this was my only chance. After contacting Keukenhof, telling them of my intentions, they gave me this piece of paradise for a day. What you see here today were taken last April 2020.” (Albert Dros, Dutch landscape photographer)

So dear readers, feast your hungry eyes on this flora of a lifetime. Part 2 will follow next week.