Kevin Hart used stilts to play Shaq on a hilarious 'Inside the NBA' skit on 'SNL'


For a few years now, TNT’s “Inside the NBA” pregame show has one of the best things going on sports television. It’s also often completely absurd.

Actually, it’s one of the best things on sports television because it’s completely absurd. That’s probably why “Saturday Night Live” chose it as the subject of a brilliant spoof this weekend.

Kevin Hart hosted the most recent edition of “SNL,” and some of his best moments were his Shaquille O’Neal impersonations:

Hart was the star of the segment, with relentless digs at Shaq’s scatterbrained ways. And he got the deep voice and unique cadence pretty much on point.

Then at the end of the spoof, he called out “Charles Barkley” – Kenan Thompson – for some one-on-one in front of the set. Somebody off set threw him a basketball. He got up out of his seat to reveal that he was on stilts:


As Thompson (Barkley) joked, “Look at you! Tall body with little arms, you look like the letter F came to life.”