Khloé Kardashian responds to claims Kim Kardashian just shaded her sisters

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Photo credit: J. Lee - Getty Images
Photo credit: J. Lee - Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian has stepped in to defend big sister Kim after she was accused of throwing shade at her sisters over their trip to Portofino, Italy.

If you've been anywhere near the internet this week, you'll know the Kardashian-Jenners took a mega trip to Italy to celebrate the third (and surely final?) wedding of Travis Barker and Kourtney.

The pair wed in full Dolce & Gabbana in front of friends and family, including Lana Del Rey, Machine Gun Kelly and the full The Kardashians clan.

Photo credit: NINO - Getty Images
Photo credit: NINO - Getty Images

After some fans complained on Kim's Instagram that she hadn't shared anything from the trip yet, the 41-year-old took to Twitter to reveal she was working on her social media posts with a message that some fans thought threw shade at her sisters.

It read, "I am prepping all my Italy content now! Get ready for the major spam! It won’t take me a week to post it don’t worry lol. I just like to live in the moment sometimes but getting all my posts ready."

As one fan replied, "Is this shade Kimberly?!"

Thankfully, Khloé was on hand to insist Kim wasn't implying her sisters weren't living in the moment by posting, but instead that Kim just liked to ensure her 'aesthetic' was lined up.

The 37-year-old replied, "No silly I’m with her now and told her the people want her content and don’t care about the aesthetic lol trust you will still get the aesthetic but you will also get the ICONIC pics of hers [sic]."

That's the end of that one, then! Give us the content we deserve, Kim.

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