Khok: 6-20-20 thing

Ober Khok

DO YOU think today is a perfect day? It is on the sixth month of the year, an even number, on an even-numbered date and on a double 20 year.

I’m saying this because I have noticed how some people stake their fate on the magic of numbers. I have no idea what 6-20-20 means, and how it will affect my story as I write it.

This being a food column, I asked myself, how many recipes call for 6-20-20 of something? Maybe a dozen recipes ask for six of any of the following: Fish fillets, stalks of green onions, tablespoons of soy sauce and cups of flour.

The procedure might instruct the cook to marinate the meat for 20 minutes, or maybe grill, broil, boil or bake the food for 20 minutes.

The ingredients may list 20 pieces of any of these: Finger chilis, ham slices, eggs and lumpia wrappers.

The sauce thickens as I explore the significance of 6-20-20. The numbers must be a formula for a vaccine that would eradicate Covid-19, or a medicine that would ensure total healing. I dare not share with you the amusing formula I invented.

Seriously, though, I discovered a new recipe for humor: Six ways to view a situation in a ludicrous way; 20 theories on what makes for good comedy, parody, satire and farce; and 20 ways to apply it.

It sounds astounding, doesn’t it? But what does it mean and how does it work? It means I’m smart enough to present an impressive idea, but I’m too much of a fathead to show how it really works.

Finally, 6-20-20 means sharing with the family a modest meal tonight: Six grilled steaks carved into juicy bites, 20 meatballs in misua soup and 20 slices of creamy mango float for dessert. The family will feel safe in the cloister of the house as we dine. Being with loved ones makes a day perfect.