Khok: Me cat, you yell

Ober Khok

THEY are back.

The woman yelling at the cat meme is not new. But it has been resurrected on Twitter recently. The yelling woman is Taylor Armstong (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). According to, the yelling occurred when Taylor had a tiff with cast member Camille Grammer who gossiped that Taylor’s husband was busing her, blah, blah, blah.

Taylor said she did not mind “the moment became a meme” Past is past.

The meme has a meme-like history. The first part is a cat named Smudge. His owner posted on Tumblr a picture of his feline on a table and captioned it “He no like vegetables.” Smudge now has an Instagram page @smudge_lord.

According to, the “first known use of the two images rogether was a tweet from @MISSGINGEGIRL captioned: “These photos are making me lose it.|” As they say, the rest is viral meme history.

To the ride on the tide of this meme’s popularity, here’s my “yellingly meowtastic” attempt, of course, food-related ones.