Khok: Food trends in the time of Covid

Ober Khok
·2 min read

The year is ending. After Christmas, the days will volley into year-ending stories. I chose to end the year with food trends I saw at the birth of the Covid-19 pandemic. My list is based on what I saw on television, and read from daily print and online news. Some of the trends here have existed since early 2019 B.C. (Before Covid), but have continued throughout the pandemic, this time with more creativity.

Here’s my list:

INNOVATION. Maybe being locked down at home has stimulated creative juices. Three siblings from Guadalupe, the Tomakin sisters, have been baking cakes for quite some time. This year, GMA 7 Regional TV Live featured their artistic and “frameable” Christmas-themed cakes, such as the colorful Santa cake, Winter Wonderland and Snowman. It’s a departure from the frosted, all-around cakes on display in some bakeshops.

Still on innovation, there was a story on “Unang Hirit” featuring a woman who introduced floral colors to her rice delicacies. She packs it as a flower arrangement. Other innovative food trends include flavored dried fish, dressed up instant noodles (a commercial has capitalized on this), and an upgraded lechon.

Precious Joy Requiso Postrano of Danao City is the genius behind the black lechon. It gets its black color from squid ink. It has no artificial additives. Those who have tasted it say it’s savory, and is as lechon as ever. Great idea.

VIRTUAL RESTAURANTS. Why not? Link up with the restaurant’s web address or Facebook, and you’re good. You can have gourmet food at home, in your pajamas, and even eat it with your washed, bare hands.

ONLINE FOOD BIZ. No, nothing new here, but the big difference is its sudden popularity in viral and pandemic proportions.

This type of business has attracted breadwinners who lost their jobs during the Quarantine period. It has saved many families from starvation. The need to earn has even reached the pockets of local celebrities such as Marian Rivera, Coleen Garcia, Ai-Ai delas Alas and Janice de Belen, to name a few. Displaced resto cooks have also teamed up to curate their own budding online food biz.

FOOD DELIVERIES. Also nothing new is the food delivery business. However, during the lockdown, there was a sudden surge of people delving into accepting orders for farm produce or market goods or grocery item deliveries. Into this group are the fast food deliveries.

I have three other trends to write, but am running out of space. Let me part with this: Avoid cabin fever in this pandemic. Fight it with positive action. Bad as it is, the pandemic has opened a door to good opportunity.