Khok: French twist

Ober Khok

THE world is panicking.

The world is afraid.

What can a little store like mine do to help ease the fears and hurts that people feel due to this monster called Covid-19?

Nothing much really. Although my friends say my store is really often a store of ideas or silliness or jokes, it can also be store where people can find rest or comfort.

I racked my head looking for comfort food that I can write about this week.

“Uncle, I thought you said ‘rake’ my head,” Ellen, my niece said.

“Mine is even better. I thought he said ‘wreck’ my head,” said Krystalle, my other niece.

“OK, very witty of you, girls. Go joke somewhere else. Let me get to work,” I said in repartee.

Ellen came back at me. “You mean, get to wok.”

“Har, har, har,” I said.

Krystalle said, “It’s not wok, Ells; It’s wack.”

The banter went on for a few more minutes as we enjoyed our morning cup of coffee with French bread.

As my Aunt Tita Blitte buttered her toasted French bread, she said, “Obz, why don’t you write about French bread? March 21 happens to be National French Bread Day. Limit yourself on tips.”

This will be sort and sweet, my lovely Obzkis. The point about cooking or preparing food is to be creative. When you see a recipe or a tip, play with it.

Here are ways to enjoy and celebrate the goodness of French bread.

Slice bread in half and spread with butter. Place leftover spaghetti on the French bread and top with grated cheese. Grill to melt cheese before serving.

Make a sandwich. Spread butter on French bread, then add lettuce, ham, crispy bacon, sliced pickles, tomato and cheese. Grill and serve hot.

Top sliced French bread with a mixture of cheese spread, minced bell pepper, chili sauce to taste and minced leftover roasted chicken. Grill to melt cheese and enjoy.

Pair sliced, buttered and grilled French bread with pochero (stew made with lean pork, sliced cooking bananas, garbanzo beans, carrots, tomato sauce, potatoes and sliced cabbage).

Slice French bread diagonally into one-inch portions and toast. Spread with any or all of the following: cream cheese, butter, margarine, pimiento flavor cheese spread.

Make pizza. Spread French bread with pizza sauce. Spread with grated cheese. For topping use any or a combination of the following: Cooked and sliced longganisa, sauteed tuna with egg, sliced olives, sliced bell peppers, ham, salami, bacon or mushroom. Top with more grated cheese and grill.

Use leftover humba or adobo to make a sandwich meal: Slice French bread in half. Make a boat by removing some of the bread. Spread boat with butter. Top with flaked adobo or humba. Top with shredded lettuce, chopped tomato and shredded cheese. Grill to melt cheese.