Khok: Help from the kitchen

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OK, Khokies. As promised, I’m back with more homemade products like deodorants, insect repellents and cleansers.

Take stock of what you have around the kitchen, and start mixing away. As with all commercial products, keep your homemade items away from the reach of children.

Let me take the opportunity at this point to go even farther. Teach your children about safety, and that these items are not playthings.

SHOE DEO. You’ve heard of baking soda as deodorant and cockroach killer. What we’re making today is for keeping shoes smelling sweet.

Mix five to six drops or more of essential oil into baking soda. Lavender, rose, lemon grass, rosemary, mint and tea-tree are some of the essentials oils you can use.

Place the mixture into cloth pouches (old socks will do) and stuff into your shoes. Add more essential oil as you reuse the mixture.

HOME DEO. Make your own home freshener still using baking soda.

Mix essential oil or a combination of two or three scents with 1 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda. Add enough distilled water (local brands are available like the one with a green label) to fill a spray bottle. Shake well.

Spray over sofa as fabric freshener or in places you need to deodorize.

An alcohol-based spray can be made with gin or vodka—yes, but don’t drink it—and essential oils. Mix 1/2 cup gin, essential oil (you can combine fragrances if you like) and one cup distilled water.

Put the mixture into a spray bottle, shake well and then store out of reach of children. Allow the fragrance to develop. After two days, you use it to freshen any room, like the bathroom. Shake bottle before using.

My niece cheats a little. She buys cheap but good cologne instead of essential oils to make the fragrance!

JUICY DISINFECTANT. The ratio for this natural disinfectant is 1:2:3 or one part vinegar, two of distilled water and the juice of three pieces large kalamansi. Mix, strain and place in a spray bottle.

Use to sanitize kitchen counters or the bathroom. Do not use on marble tiles.

GLASS CLEANER. Plain vinegar will remove watermarks from drinking glasses.

Apply vinegar on affected area. Allow to soak, and then scrub off and rinse.

Vinegar also makes a simple and cheap glass window cleaner. Mix one cup distilled water with two tablespoons vinegar. Spray on the area you want to clean, such as windows, bathroom ceramic tiles, handrails and mirrors. Wipe off with cloth.

VEGGIE BEAUTY. Cucumber is well known as a natural beauty treatment.

Place one slice over each eye to lessen puffiness and dark circles. Relax and after 15 minutes or so, you’re rested and bright-eyed!

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