Khok: Personality by mask study

Ober Khok

THIS is the time of global fear and panic because of the Covid-19 outbreak. However, out here in my little store of ideas, jokes and nonsense, we are concerned but not desperate.

In the name of good health and nationalism, I am dedicating my page to The Study of Personality by Mask: The lighter side of Covid-19, a study of how people wear surgical masks and what it says about their personalities.

OVERCONFIDENT. According to the Joke (Judgmental Office of Khok Essentials), this personality wears his (generic) mask up to his mouth, thereby exposing his nose to the elements. The overconfident person never skips classes but does not prepare for exams. He feels he is smart enough to pass any exam, not caring whether he gets a high grade or just a passing one. And he does pass and does get good jobs later. But overconfidence will not work when it comes to masks. Please, cover your nose. Pinch the metal insert against your nose.

RISK-TAKER. The Joke made an extensive study of this personality. I was once one of the subjects. The risk-taker starts as a good boy, wearing his mask properly. But when an itch in his nose starts to bother him, he lowers the mask to scratch and scratch. The risk-taker bets on his favorite Lotto number. He ventures into a new business where no prudent businessman has gone before. He is confident that his instinct for numbers and trends will make him succeed with a capital S. However, he tends to lower his guard. He trusts too much sometimes and gets hoodwinked. Risk-taking will not work where Covid-19 plays. Please, use the surgical or whatever mask you have correctly.

BEAUTY-CONSCIOUS. This does not refer to actress Heart Evangelista. In fairness to her, she wears her mask correctly. She even embellishes it to make a fashion statement. And she has an advocacy, too. This is the silliest way to wear a mask The beauty conscious wears it on his chin to hide a pimple. This personality is a good person. He can be secretive. He likes to take care of his looks and attends to the needs of others.

It is best for the beauty-conscious to wear his mask in areas that need it.

GOOD FOLLOWER. Need we say more? This guy wears his mask correctly: Blue fabric out, metal insert pinched on the nose, mask covering the chin also.