Khok: Try it

Ober Khok
·2 min read

After following a handful of travel and food vloggers, and drooling over their recipes, I finally decided to follow some of the viands they cooked.

Gracing this week’s cooking challenge are “Panlasang Pinoy,” which I follow and admire, and newly surveyed “Kusina ni Abyang,” “Little Chef Asia” and “Pinoy ni Oyoboy.”

The recipe I fixed last night was for tortang corned beef or savory corned beef cakes.

Corned beef, being the building block of this dish, must be of good quality. Among the affordable brands, Holiday Carne Norte offers a likable taste.

However, pick the brand you prefer. There was a brand I wanted, but it wasn’t available in the convenience store I went to. Holiday was among the affordable selections. I settled for it because I’ve made taste tests of them and decided this was the brand for me in the absence of my first brand of choice.

Being your li’l old Uncle Ober, I tweaked the recipe. I combined the vloggers’ ideas to fit all my available ingredients. All credit goes to them! So here we go.

INGREDIENTS. 1 55g can corned beef, drained and flaked; 3 stalks big, green onions, minced (separate the white and green parts); 4 cloves garlic, grated; 1/2 radish, grated, squeezed once (use the big holes to grate garlic and radish); 1 tube cornstarch; salt and pepper to taste.

PREPARATION. Saute the white portion of green onions with the garlic. When fragrant, add the radish. Cook to wilt, then add the corned beef. Cook until a bit dry. Set aside to cool.

When corned beef is cool, place in a mixing bowl and add the minced green onion leaves, salt, black pepper and egg. Mix well, then add cornstarch gradually. I used only one-half of the tiny packet.

Fry patties in a wok as I did, using a spoon or two of oil!

To make even portions, use a small soup ladle to measure the amount of mixture to fry. With this tool size, I was able to make five generous servings of tortang corned beef. Be sure to spread out the torta after you place it in the medium hot oil.

The torta is cooked once you can shake it around the pan, “Panlasang Pinoy” said. “Little Chef” said that when the oil starts to bubble, it is an indication one side is done.

Me? I used to peep at the underside and if I could move the patty and saw it was tan, that meant it was time to flip it! Whatever trick you use, aim for golden brown.

SERVING. Place the torta on a plate with piled cucumber rings. Serve the cucumber with any dip you want; mine was oyster sauce with lemonsito juice.

From watching mukbang and home-life vlogs, I realized that it is better to dip salad rather than soak them in dressings. The cucumber stayed crisp.