Kid viral for fanboying over ‘It’s Showtime’ in episode of rival show ‘Wowowin’

Kids say the darndest things and this boy’s no-filter attitude brought him straight to internet virality this week.

Making Filipinos laugh out loud at the moment is 6-year-old Jed who openly fanboyed over the ABS-CBN variety show It’s Showtime while a contestant in one of its rival shows Wowowin. The episode aired on Monday and a clip of the hilarious segment was uploaded on YouTube shortly after.

Jed was a contestant on the segment Willie of Fortune, a game that has people guessing the title of a song based on a few notes that are played. Before that though, host Willie Revillame asks contestants to share a bit about themselves and perform a talent.

Revillame asked Jed what he wants to be when he grows up, and the Grade 1 student said his dream was to become a pilot or actor. The host then asked who the boy’s idol was. That’s when the hilarity starts because Jed says he wants to be like “Ronnie and Cardo.”

Cardo is the character played by Coco Martin in the hugely successful soap opera Ang Probinsyano (International Title: Brothers), while Ronnie is the actor Ronnie Alonte, a host on It’s Showtime. The audience burst in laughter at Jed’s answer because both those shows are aired on ABS-CBN, the rival network of GMA which Wowowin is a part of.

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Most celebrities in the Philippines are tied to a major network and are usually not allowed to appear in projects of other companies. The rivalry is so intense that hosts and talk show guests do not mention any TV show or celebrity associated with a different network. Often times, they talk in code and use terms like “sa kabila” which means “the other one,” when referring to a rival company. It’s a lot like not saying “The Scottish Play” instead of “Macbeth” in a theater or Harry Potter characters calling Voldemort “He Who Must Not Be Named.”

“So why did you join here, then?” Revillame asked the kid jokingly. He probed Jed a little bit too and asked why he likes those two actors. The boy said he likes Cardo because he’s a policeman who shoots well, then went on to list down the various talents of It’s Showtime host Alonte.

“He dances well, and acts well, and sings well,” Jed said.

The best part came when Revillame encouraged Jed to give his idols a shoutout. Although a bit hesitant at first, the boy quickly raised his right hand, fist on the air, and shouted “What’s up madlang people,” It’s Showtime’s catchphrase.

This left the audience laughing even harder.

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Wowowin‘s YouTube video had close to 300,000 views on YouTube as of this article’s posting but most reactions, shares, and comments came from reuploads on Facebook and Twitter.

“The innocence of a child is so pure and this really made my day,” @c0rporateslave said.

@space_racer was just as surprised as the live audience.

“There’s this kid on Wowowin who is telling Willie he likes Showtime and Ang Probinsyano HAHAHA OOF,” he said.

“I have a bad day buttt this little boy on Wowowin made myyy dayyy,@Itsme_Frencie wrote.

@sleepyonce called Jed a “legend.”

Facebook user Noel Desamparado said he couldn’t stop laughing while watching the video.

“Must watch this kulit (cheeky) little guy!” he said.  “I always laughed and laughed until I die. Joke.”

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